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Roughhousing - Laura Baumbach I somehow get the feeling this is almost - but not quite - completely unrelated to the first story. I mean, it starts seeming more like a continuation as it goes on, but...it's weird.

It cannot be safe the amount of sex they're having, not for James. I mean, if his ass is that inflamed, then maybe, you know, they should take a break instead of, you know, continuing?

Bram's still kind of an asshole. He's less of a creepy asshole, but he's still kind of an asshole.

James, for some reason, is all insecure and shit. Was that there in the first book? I have no idea; my eyes started glazing over after the...nth sex scene. In a single night. Or so it was implied.

There was a "then" instead of "than" and it took me a moment to decipher the meaning.

It did have its moments of intensity, though.

The ending, as with the first, cut off rather abruptly, I thought.

What the hell is it with the ditzy hooker trope? I swear I've read this before, in some other thing I read. Move into a new place, neighbor's a forward ditzy hooker/exotic dancer/etc. No, it wasn't hooker. It was exotic dancer. You're just supposed to assume they're hookers. And then they try to magically "subvert" the trope by making it turn out the character is actually all profound or smart or something. Either way, I thought it was stupid and kitschy.

It got really confusing about how followed which and what.

Especially the Williams thing. I was wondering what happened to him and stuff. I don't think I ended up finding out anyways.

Eh. I've run out of things to say.

Lies, no I haven't.

I somehow get the feeling that this story's outdated (if I'm thinking of the same story). Especially nowadays in the US, with all the changes that have been happening: defeat of DOMA, more states legalizing gay marriage. Oh, wait. But then there's Kansas the throwback. But still. Society at large is markedly different than it was before, when this was written, and homosexuality, I feel, is no longer as taboo as it was before and it's more okay, socially speaking, to be out and about and overtly homosexual/homoromantic while out and about. Not that the story's completely invalid, per se, it's just a bit weirder to consider with a contemporary mindset. Unless you're a throwback. Then you don't count. But for the lay-person, I think things are different now.

It's like when I read that other story, and it was weird for me because they were talking about how they had to be discrete and stuff and worrying about all sorts of gay-bashing everywhere with police not really doing much. I kind of feel that today, even if the police don't really want to do much, they kind of have to or they suffer public reprisal.

Yeah, now I'm done.