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Bite - Sean Michael I wanted Marcus to bottom. Like, all the time. I got tired of him being the seme. Like, actually a seme. Lucky for me I skipped all the sex scenes. Of course, this means I didn't get to read much of it, but there was actually a weird-possibly-interesting web of intrigue in the kind-of-background.

No, I'm not going to read book 2. Fuck you and your "You wanna find out what happens next? Well, you'll just have to read the next book." Yes, perhaps the first was at an appropriate length for you to stop, but you basically just stopped and stuck in an advert for book 2. Aka, spend more money. Thanks, but no thanks. I'm going to go back to my beautiful, beautiful #NBCHannibal (which I still inadvertently read as NB Channibal).