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Seven - Adrienne Wilder Absolutely amazing. It's... it's a full scale epic, really. The sex was weird. I mostly didn't read those.
It's amazing because the author introduces a bunch of minor-seeming characters, and gets you to care about them. In many ways, I think I cared more for them, since the MCs are pm guaranteed their HEA. Gah. Now I want Twenty Three fanfic...

(Now that I'm on my laptop, I can type out an actual review, yay! no.)
Chase bothered me. A lot. The whole backstory with Jacob was actually quite off-putting, and Twenty Three basically implicitly sacrifices himself to save Chase? Yeah, save Seven and all that, but seriously, what about Twenty Three? I really want him to be happy. And Nine. God, Nine. Those two are absolutely the true woobies of this story. Chase and Seven had too much Main Character Power for their suffering to be of any whump value.
Also (I got side-tracked), the way the Jacob thing was presented with Twenty Three "taking away" the guilt...I mean, I get the concept that he can't do anything about it any more because it's done and over with but he can still learn from it, but the way it was presented sounded like diffuse justification on why he could forget about Jacob. Something about the way it was presented wasn't so much a "forgive himself and move on" but a "forget Jakey-boy; I gotz me some Seven now."

Hmm...there was something else...many-thing else...which I can't remember anymore...

I mean, I liked it, overall, and it was quite epic, but I think ultimately I ended up caring more about the welfare of Twenty Three and Nine, and those were the two who were left hanging. The universe is quite nicely built up, though. I can totally see a bunch of viable spin-offs coming from this book. (I kind of hope for some spin-offs [*sobs Twenty Three, Nine...]).