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Slavers, Guards and Bards (The Dark Servant)

Slavers, Guards and Bards - A.C. Ellas Characterization is, again, all over the place. Cognitions, perceptions, etc, are as usual not set in stone and advance and regress apparently at the author's unexplained whim. Plot wasn't bad, I guess, although this one's subplot lost me a little.

I was absolutely outraged at Tyll's treatment by, well, everybody. Jisten and Jethian bring up a good point about the trained to like pain thing, sure (especially that alcoholic analogy), but I was rather displeased at Rak for gravitating towards Jisten. I don't care what the stupid sunny land acknowledges or refuses to, Tyll is still Rak's legal husband and many-times-dubbed love of his life. Also, there was that thing about how as Valer, Jisten would outlive Tyll by forever. Give the man his time, won't you, even if it's with the jackass "I'll still be here long after you're gone"?

And the guard. What the fuck is up with the guard? I am sick and tired of the forced slapstick humor the author feels the need to gravitate towards to. Jethian and Owain apparently are no longer able to provide the amount of farce the author deemed necessary, therefore Rak's guard needs to be the new providers of further farce. I feel like this series could be so completely better without the need to render everything as ridiculous bullshit.

I really hope Tyll gets his due in the next one.