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Faking Perfection

Faking Perfection - Mia Watts It was good. It was great. Until it wasn't.

The foreplay was really sexy. All that agony and tension and guilt.

But then when it got down to the actual sex, they, like, became different people. Well, Garth did. Eli was kind of the same person as before, in that he was kind of the same flat-ish character from before. (thing that means same thing as "froop-dee-doo" but for some reason that's all I can think of).

Of course, it turns out that somehow, magically, Garth becomes all okay and stuff while Eli is suffering from self-retributional stuff and whatnot.

Yeah, it became stupid.

I mean, the rest of it may be great, but I'm just sitting here feeling supremely cheated. It's not exactly the story it claimed to be, you know. Or maybe it's not the story I thought it was. Either way, I couldn't get through it. YMMV, though.
This time I admit it was probably mostly me.