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Training Season

Training Season - Leta Blake I loved it. Absolutely loved it. It actually made me teary. Legit brought tears to my eyes.

At first, I was unhappy because I wanted there to be a really intense aftercare session and the first couple of BDSM things there wasn't really that. Matty was still kind of holding back or something.

After a while, I either stopped minding or my unconsciousness was appeased by something my consciousness apparently didn't pick up on.

I absolutely love the message in this, and my heart aches for Matty. It's true; he did give his all, and he still didn't quite get exactly what he wanted, and it really does feel like life took a shit on him.

I bitched and moaned to myself about Matty being not as vulnerable and shit, but in retrospect, it's actually nicer this way. He's not the pure fantasy, uber-dependent twink subs of numerous dub-con whatever and I don't even really know where I was going with that thought. I like how you get the sense that he can stand on his own, even if Rob makes everything so much better and more wonderful and stuff.

And that thing with the thing in part 3 or 4 (one of those)...that really had me going, man.

But more than anything, it made me teary. I was totally there with Matty through the journey and I totally understood why he felt the way he did and everything.