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An Unauthorized Field Guide to the Hunt

An Unauthorized Field Guide to the Hunt - Kari Gregg The blurb reads like a publicity statement advertising a biography of the character, which, actually, is sort of kind of (not really, but kind of) how the book is written. The dedication in the beginning, the little quote thingies at the top... It's like one of those pop-bios you see. You know, the ones for Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus or whatever. It's the story all dramaticized and written a la ___ (in this case, a field guide). If you're actually looking for a field guide, you will be sorely disappointed. If you're looking for something that makes coherent sense, you will also be similarly disappointed. However, as a character piece, this one's quite cool. It's all mind-fuck-y and WTF-y and what-the-hell-is-going-on?-y.

I wish they were a bit more concrete and what the hell a cat is, why this whole Hunt thing, what was up with the epic overplot they hinted at but kind of ignored partly because I dunno and partly because Shane was right in the middle of the mind-fuck and I guess we're kind of doing a sorta his perspective thing.

I liked it, but this is sort of one of those cult classic types. You know, the "I like it because it makes no sense and is so utterly ridiculous, yet also somehow deeply viscerally disturbing if I try to think about it for too long."

Comments I made as I read:
It's like a larger-scale, more epic version of the Hunger Games...hmm maybe with a Roman gladiator games mashup.

It seems no one knows how to spell "retch." Seriously. No one. No, "wretch" is not the same as "retch."

I still have no idea what constitutes a win or a loss, actually, and I'm almost half-way through.
(I did in the end figure out. They tell you.)


What do I think of the relationship? I have no idea. Why exactly do these cats need to mate with off-worlders? Cuz it's not survival, I'll tell you that, unless they can (1) magically made human males go all mpreg (2) they can go all mpreg with human males.

Also, clearly Shane is not in any sort of right mind. Or left mind. Prolly more in the little mind men have that hangs between their legs. Okay, yes, that was bad. I had an all-nighter; I'm allowed to make bad jokes and not make sense, okay?

I wouldn't say this is necessarily a romance. It actually does seem to have the potential of it, though, magically enough. Still, since stories cease existing past canon, I'm going to put it at a definite maybe.