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Aftermath - Cara Dee I hated it.

I don't think I started off hating it, but by the time I decided I had better things to do than scrolling down as my eyes glazed over, I definitely hated it.

My comments as I read:
It's not bad. It's got potential. It's also really chaotic, and I somehow get the feeling the author doesn't really know what Asperger's is. Of course, what do I know about Asperger's, right? I'm not an expert, but even some of the superficial elements I'm reading of on Wikipedia don't quite seem to mesh. For example, unlike autism, "people with Asperger syndrome have no significant delay in language development."
What was up with Cam not speaking until 4, then?
The repetition of the control thing as an Asperger's thing also didn't really make sense. If anything, I'd have said that was OCD. I also don't really think Aspergers would be the cause of anxiety attacks.

As it went on, the characterization made progressively less and less sense. I really don't understand why Cam and Austin suddenly started sexing it up. I really don't think there was an impetus there. It just...random sex.

Austin gets pissed off for no reason. Okay, fine. That's part of his PTSD. Except it turns out he's kind of an asshole. Kind of a lot of an asshole.

The flashbacks were kind of interesting at first, but I started losing interest, and the air of pseudo-suspense started grating on me.

I completely lost interest. I didn't feel for any of the characters. None of them quite seemed to come alive. Much as the "Psycho" guy forced the kidnapped people to play out roles of his past, the author forced the character to play out roles of xyr own design. An even more meta analogy, the interest level and comprehensiveness of the story is about the same as the abortive analogy I attempted.

In other words, I've stopped giving so many fucks I can't even be bothered to want to talk about this anymore. Moving on.