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Close Protection

Close Protection - Cordelia Kingsbridge I actually really liked it. I didn't really feel like I saw any plot holes, but then, this was one I was mostly reading for the characters over plot (which is why the whole whodunnit thing went totally over my head. By the time I started trying to pay attention to who did what in which room with what tool, it was a bit later into the game, so I basically shrugged and just rode it out.

I like the characterization and the growth Luca goes through.

Some parts of it were a bit too explicitly stated, but it was more an isolated part here and there where I thought the author shouldn't have been so blunt.

Miscellaneous comments I made as I read
I like the slow buildup.

Quibble - the nervous system, contrary to its name, does not affect the emotions. Unless his mood swings are affecting his ability to control his own body, except we don't see any evidence of further manifestations of his nervous tic(s).

I think it's interesting that the D/s element isn't quite as overt as in other BDSM ones, and yet terms like "subspace" are still used (in that Ryder does indeed enter subspace). I almost did a double-take, wondering when exactly that happened. I guess I've gotten too used to entering of subspace through floggings, whippings, etc. This was kind of weird to wrap my mind around, since it doesn't seem like much is going on to create the mindset, but it's there. Really, really subtly there, but there's something kind of there in the prose.

It's also weird because Ryder's so...normally functional. But then, what do I know about subspace and how it affects people? Maybe it's analogously like those functional drunks. You know, those people who can be toootally wasted, yet still completely, weirdly functional? Yeah.
Then again, might be because that part was either told from Luca's limited POV or an ambiguous generic third person voice. (I'd have to backtrack to figure it out and I really don't want to)

The names are hard to keep track of. Then again, I tend to ignore names for a good forever before I realize, "Oh, shit. I should probably learn these characters' names. And/or figure out which set of aspects I've compiled correlate with which name."

Took me a while to figure out who Jake was. And then I realized Ryder's a last name. I still don't know who Christianson is/was. Which one's Siobhan? Is she McCall? Is McCall someone else completely? And then who is this Georgina person? Okay, nvmd attributes; I'm having a hard time figure out which first name goes with which last name.

Hey, hey. An M/M writer who acknowledges refractory periods. I feel like I should be doing a victory jig in the streets.

I liked it. I liked seeing Luca's character growth and Ryder's character being unveiled more and more.

The whodunnit is actually quite interesting. Of course, I started trying to tune in/figure out who it was kinda late, so I doubt I'd be able to actually figure it out, but it was interesting to read through as each layer was being unwrapped, untangled, revealed.

I love how Ashton's not a little shit. It was beautiful, actually.