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As Natural As Breathing

As Natural As Breathing - Thianna D. I'm quite torn about this. On one hand, it's got some really great stuff. It's got these really visceral moments and the theme it covers is quite good. On the other, that kind of disappears and goes away and then you look at your progress and realize you still have half the book to go.

Yes, "holiday wears" is possibly okay, but for some reason, I get the feeling it should probably be "holiday wares."

It actually wasn't bad. It was kind of Dora-the-Explorer-y (you know, with the explicative aside moments and all), but other than that, it wasn't bad.

The sex was...awkward. Corny. Awkward.There was onomatopoeia. A lot of it. In all caps.
Today, I found out I don't really like onomatopoeia aside from the occasional "nnngh."

I just kept losing interest and losing interest. It's quite a shame, actually, because it started off so amazingly and towards about half way, I wanted to like it much more than I actually liked it and then I had to admit to myself that maybe I didn't actually like it anymore.

DNF ~60%