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Hunger - Amanda Young First off, hey look! It's The Twink. You know, that one cover model you see everywhere? Yeah, it's him!

Secondly, *cough cough. It's called "Chicken Ranch." Are we supposed to be able to take this seriously?

I've always thought flashbacks were really canned because shit, who has mini movies running through their heads? Especially those "and then he remembered..." blah, blah, blah "clarity"...

The two of them were unbelievable. I literally could not believe them to exist as independent characters.

Farcity farcity farce farce. It's all Killian's fault for being a jackass by not reading MC (what was his name again? Oh, right. Declan) MC's mind and acting on the subtle hints he definitely exudes.

In short, it wasn't bad, I suppose, but I didn't really find it all that much endearing.