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Letting In The Light

Letting In the Light - Fae Sutherland The beginning reminds me of something. What could it be? Oh, right. [b:Second Chance at Love|17620596|Second Chance at Love|Diana DeRicci|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1365627060s/17620596.jpg|24587233]. But then it becomes not-that. It becomes quite a typical romance, with sex right off the bat and all that.

Actually, it's kind of like a less plot-y version of [b:Slow Bloom|7844441|Slow Bloom|Anah Crow|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1306957073s/7844441.jpg|10947088]. (That's the nice way of saying it's a porn-based version of it.)

Why was Jake a throw-away villain? It's possible for him to be a perfectly normal person, you know.

the muse/Jacob Wilde thing was odd. He's got a fully fleshed out personality literally manifested inside his head. Does anyone else find that odd? I found it odd. I want to have my own imaginary-actually-sentient friends. Then I wouldn't have to worry about being lonely.

2 stars. The author's treatment of Jake was atrocious, really. There was no need for her to drive the poor man insane. No, he wasn't driven mad. Even worse; he was sent mad.

I could have done with a little less Finn-is-awesome-and-everyone-else-sucks-donkey-balls propaganda. A lot less of it.

I don't normally do this because I feel it's petty and trite, but this time, I really do think you'd be better off giving this book a bye and reading Slow Bloom. You'd have to sit through less farce.