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Devil at the Crossroads

Devil at the Crossroads - Cornelia Grey I liked it because it honored the music. Too many musician romance things are only about...I dunno. The aftermath caused by being a musician? Something like that. It honored the music, but also didn't make it out to be some stupid sentient, mythical, magical force that can manifest and shit. It honors the music, but speaks of it casually enough that it seems the author truly has internalized the music instead of doing a "ooooh look at me. I can play music. Aren't I amazing and awesome? It's a magic power of mine; the Music Speaks to me, and me alone, and I commune with the magical muse of music" sort of thing. I've always thought those were really annoyingly gimmicky.

I liked the romance aspect between the two, also. It's bittersweet, almost, but no more than life is. The good, the bad, the ugly, but also, the beauty of hope.

There were a couple of parts where the turn of phrase seemed rather odd (like dude. if you feel the dude's dick against you, we're already going to assume it's hard. no need to draw us a picture and give live demonstrations on this concept of "erection"). Still, I'd say it's one of my favorites.

It's interesting because the blurb is right. That's exactly what happened. Except it's not. The blurb is taken from a different perspective. In some ways, it's the MC's perspective before he comes to his realization that all of that was bullshit. The author didn't just tell us about it, though. The author led us through his journey.