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Mate of the Tsatrya

Mate of the Tsatrya - Ann T. Ryan For what it was, it wasn't completely disastrous, I suppose.

Is this the day, though? Have I had a surfeit of consummate pulp? Maybe I just wasn't in the mood...

It was trite, rote, really rather unsexy, sometimes suspiciously heteronormative, and rather codependency-like. I wanted to know more about Jess' sob story than Joseph's "identity crisis."

Gilliam was a complete travesty. He was a plot device the author had no idea what to do with, really, when he could have been so, so much more.

Not to mention the grammar and diction reminded me of middle-school "creative writing" assignments.

Also, there was a weird idiom. Playing with a full deck? I feel like the author meant "stacked deck."