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The Parting Glass (In a Dark Wood)

The Parting Glass - Josh Lanyon First thought: Dude, Lanyon sure writes a lot of these "returning after many many years, many many tears, to reopen old wounds and displace the New Guy" type stories. Which I won't spoiler-hide because it's within the first 10 pages.

And addiction. He writes a lot about addiction.

I rather liked it. I didn't really think it was dark, not like the first one.

The thing at the very end about not saying "I love you"...Except he did say it, didn't he? Okay, fine. He added a "too." He still said it, though.

Yeah, I liked it, but I didn't think it was revolutionary or incredibly profound or anything like that. It had another wtf sort of plot thing going on that woman literally comes out of nowhere and for no apparently reason other than "just cuz". The cover doesn't really match the insides. The cover's all bleak and shit.

I also really wanted to know more about what went down with Rafe. I think I might have cared about that more than whatever else was going on, cuz that side of things was already a foregone conclusion, but this Rafe thing...there's a helluva story there, it sounds like.