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A Delicate Game

A Delicate Game - Sasha L. Miller I'd actually read this one yesterday, so I suppose this one was the beginning of the menage run. (I've noticed that when there's some salient feature of a book, I tend to see it again and again for the next couple of books [at least three]. Once it was facial burn scars. Another time was dead lovers. I suppose this time it's menages. I have absolutely no idea why it happens - I generally pick books out of my unread ebooks folder more or less at random - but it does.)

It wasn't bad. Short. Brief. Underexplicated.

The author withheld too much information, whether purposefully or accidentally, and so it was difficult to enjoy. There was too much the author expected us to take on face value that left me questioning a lot of the facts presented and also the very purpose of the existence of certain points. The romance wasn't great either, but I feel like I tend to have that issue with Miller's work. I never quite get a sense of passion between/among her characters. Oh, and I've noticed that Miller tends to like menages.