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Prince of the Forgotten Planet

Prince of the Forgotten Planet - J.K. Pendragon ...let me see if I've got this straight.

Valfe's married to Anni, who is female. V happens to like pain - a very random, but apparently necessary little snippet that leads us to believe we'll get some delicious BDSM action, except nothing comes of it. Some reason, somehow, he meets De-whatever his name is and they start sexing it up. Later, when contemplating the ramifications of a royal having a male lover, D casually makes reference to hey, I just need to find a suitable surrogate I wonder who (stares "covertly" at Anni) *wink wink nudge nudge* but oh, wait we need to get through this other guy, Maten (?) first.
Why the fuck did Valfe and Anni get married? I really can't think of a single good reason that makes the remotest sense that would end up with the two of them married.

The rest of it was rather tensionless. The story could have been rather good, I think, if handled by some other author. This author didn't revel in the intrigue and destruction and chaos the world xe's trying to handle would bring.