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Technically Dead

Technically Dead - Tia Fielding The first part was soooo long and tedious. I sat there waiting for something to happen and all that happened was life as usual (for the universe). I kept waiting for...I dunno, someone to get attacked or killed or exploded or something, but nope.

The way it's split into parts is at once too boringly unequivocal and awkward. The way the first part ended really, really annoyed me. It was actually okay up until then, and then it started drowning in kitschiness. the LSD gimmick also annoyed me. A lot. Probably more than it should rightly do, but it did.

The rest of it was rather cringe-worthy. A lot happens and you think something's going to come of it, but really, it just fizzles out, ends not with a band, but with a whimper. I really wish the author would have used the plot points xe introduced for something rather than letting them magically resolve themselves if you ignore them long enough.

So, overall, a rather commonplace, humdrum sort of read, actually extremely exasperating at many times.