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Shirewode (The Wode)

Shirewode - J. Tullos Hennig Oh. I hadn't realized that it would start off right after where the first left off. I thought there'd be a bit of time gap.

You know, a lot of this goes right over my head. I feel like I'd have to either be a history buff or at least know a shit-ton more about the Crusades than I do already for this to be of any significance to me.
Well, that and/or Robin Hood-related lore.

It's weird because it feels like it's just beyond total comprehension. It's kind of cool because the romance is kind of, but not really, the center of everything. There's a sort of epic overplot at stake. At the same time, though, it kind of feels like the story's going through the motions to get to certain plot points. There are certain checkpoints it's too obviously trying to hit.
I kept feeling like right as I kind of figured out what was going on, a whole bunch of other new stuff suddenly got thrown in and I again had absolutely no idea what the hell was going on.

Still, it's rather good. You kind of need to just sit and ride it out, especially if you don't really know much of the original lore.