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A Spell of Passion or Fear

A Spell of Passion or Fear - T.C. Mill It was kind of cool, but at the same time, kind of confusing. Fal's the real MC and Ariston the LI when ostensibly, it's the other way around.

There are allusions to Greek mythology/history, but I still kind of felt like I needed more information for it to really come together.

The thing with Eudaimon...it was kind of cool because yeah, moral ambiguity and all that stuff, but it seemed like his demise was so pointedly for the sake of the MCs that I kind of wanted him to win.

Ariston was the biggest let-down, though. You go in thinking he's going to be a badass, but he's mostly just impotent. He's like those rebellious rich kid types. They're kind of rebellious and they think they're metal as fuck, but really, they're just playing at it and the people who actually lived on the streets before and literally had to fight for their next meal just kind of stare/glare at them with a mix of resentment, scorn, pity, and disgust.
Except it's not really their fault they were born privileged, and you kind of have to acknowledge that.

Eh. It wasn't bad, but when you stop and think about it, it was kind of weird.

Still, it was worth the read, I think.