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The Mercenary's Tale

The Mercenary's Tale - Lynn Lorenz EtA (written after eta at end):

I liked Ansel. He was kind of a cool character. Unfortunately, the author decided to kill him off. I would flag this under a spoiler, but I feel like major character death is something an author ought to warn readers of.
Also, since I'm on this note, I don't like the cover.
Or the thing with Joss. Not himself, but the magical realization. But then, at that point, I was pretty fed up with this story, so a lot of my ire probably comes from that...

The first sex scene is a het sex scene.

Hold on, I need a moment.

Ewwwww. Het sex


The next sex scene I don't remember. It might have been between the MC and Ansel.

But then there's a m/f/m scene.

Hold on, I need another moment.

Ewwww. Het sex. Again

And then, after some rather odd posturing (it wasn't really, but for some reason, it felt like there was tons of posturing going on)

And then there was major character death. I was not okay with that.

I couldn't enjoy any of the other romance thing after that. Well, eh. Not really. I just thought it was stupid of the author to introduce you to one LI, kill him off pretty damn fast afterwards, and then except you to just accept this other one.

I also didn't like the dynamics between the Drake and Logan. It was really weird. I felt like it was too forcedly heteronormative even though they (not sure if author or characters) tried to not do that.

I mean, there were good parts, but overall, I didn't really like it that much. I didn't hate it/dislike it, but I didn't like it either.

I cannot believe I forgot to add this earlier, but another thing that annoyed me is the "everyone is secretly gay" thing going on, aka, the thing with Peter. Peter is married. Happily married. Madly in love. And yet, he just can't seem to resist the manly gayness of the MC and his LI (the new one). What do they do? Invite him in for a threesome and then say, "Yo. Let's possibly do this again in the future. It's not a serious thing or anything, but let's possibly do this again."

I pretty much squicked out when the devious duo asked him if he'd just fucked his wife before coming to them and he says yes.
And then they go into detail about it.
(Actually, I don't remember if they do or don't, but it's pretty squicky either way, not to mention an extreme dick move on Peter's part, except for some reason, he seems more a victim of the author's need to make the MCs seem more likeable (I dunno how xe thought making everyone want to fuck them would do that; it just makes 'em more flat, cliche, and rather dislikeable, actually. And that's putting it mildly).