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Soothe The Burn

Soothe the Burn - T.A. Chase Are you having some serious cravings of PURPLE? Are you in search of cliche, one-dimensional mother of Mary Sue of an MC/MCs? Are you looking to bask in porny space opera-y not-really-well-explained-world-y-ness? Then this book is for you!

What was up with these metal people? First I was under the impression they were actual cyborg-y-looking things. And then we're told the metal's more of a patchwork-y thing? What exactly is a GalMil? Why do these characters find themselves wanting to do things they've previously had no inclination for before simply because they laid eyes on their "romantic" counterparts? Are we really supposed to be able to buy into any of this?

So many questions, so little answers...

To be fair, it's not bad. In fact, the writing is just wonderful...y purple.

Here's a beautiful tidbit of exquisite prose:
Leonoid’s jaw looked like the doctor was clenching his teeth.
You see? Absolutely exquisite.

Is Apple McIntosh or Macintosh? I feel like the author should have decided this before committing it to print.

Why is Alvix a magical panacea that makes everything okay?
No, no. Really why. You can't seriously expect me to believe "he's really that good a person"?
"Because Main Character Power" is a shitty excuse. Everyone knows that.
Yes, I know he's a Mary Sue. That's still a shitty excuse.
Well, all right then, seeing as neither one of us have any answers.

What has the world come to? A story so bad that I'm driven to talk to myself for intelligent conversation. This must have been what Artemis Fowl felt like in Opal Deception.

Bottom line, drama happened. Melodrama, more like. Other stuff, trauma stuff. I didn't care. The most interesting part was actually when Cooper was contemplating the repercussions of this nanomite-y-ness and the possibility of one day maybe becoming wholly metallic/mechanical, but that was jossed by a casual mention of the nanomites being not programmed to convert bone and organs, or something like that. I kind of wanted that to happen. It would have made it interesting.

Yeah, the metal-heal-y thing was an interesting concept, but the rest of it killed it.
Cool cover, though.