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Bullet (Blue Boy)

Bullet - Garrett Leigh The beginning was far, far too rushed. It was the hurried introduction between strangers so they could nominally say they weren't strangers before they proceeded to their one-night stand.

This story...well. It was porn. With snatches of plot, sure, but mostly porn.

It feels like the author tried for something, but didn't go all the way or didn't exactly commit to it, gave up the possibility of something really deep for the sake of more porn.

Loads of points didn't make much sense in context, not unless the context was "for the sole sake of furthering these two people having sex." Some of the labels were odd. What exactly is this twink who is not a twink thing that wasn't quite outright stated, but heavily alluded to? What does that even look like?

I wasn't disappointed, per se, but I just felt like this book could have been so much more meaningful than it was.