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Man Whore - Pia Veleno Total bait and switch. I went through the entire thing feeling like this book wasn't quite about what we were led to believe it was about, and it wasn't, not really. The occult parts, though quite nicely written, came off as really weird and random.

The entire focus was really weird. It's almost like the author wanted there to be one "The MC" but couldn't decide which one to make The MC.

Total 180-turn was really weird and didn't make sense. At all. After that, it was all boring. I mean, it was boring before, but some of the farce carried it (while simultaneously making it damn annoying).

Several off turns of phrase: "red-shot" (eyes), "words drawled together" after character got hit on the head.

End was rather abrupt. I had to remind myself that this isn't a LHNB story (which means it has even less excuse).