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Ethan's Freedom - Jade Archer “He wanted Ethan’s spit and fire—his resistance and the feral light Nevin sometimes caught lurking in those amazing green eyes.”

Spit and fire. ...spit and fire.

Eh. Other than that, it was pretty good until we had inexplicable info-dump when Ethan was telling Mikey about all the shit that was going down. It got the job done, sure, but it was also at odds with the established characterization.

Interludes about bro seemed...odd. But clearly, it's a series set-up.

Blah, blah, blah. Melodramatic shit happens. Random stuff.

Ah. I was right about the bro.
*sigh. Except at this point, it just seems tedious. I mean, clearly, bro had more angst-factor going for him.

Still, there were kitty-shifters, and kitties are awesome.