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...this confuses me. So...it's like tumblr...for books?

Either way, I'm mainly on Goodreads. I do occasionally come here, and also do periodically import my shelves from GR here, but GR is a more sure bet for contacting me.

Devon's Revenge - Jade Archer Eh. It's just some more mindless alpha-male-roawr fun.

And you can already tell; next book's about Paul.

It's like product placement, except character placement...

And this is why you shouldn't try to write reviews at 3AM.

Gee, I wonder what those could possibly be. I don't know, man. It seems kind of difficult to tell what the author's trying to imply here.

And oh, god. mpreg.

"His mate was associating with another male cat shifter."
I'd think sex is a liiiittle more than just "associating."

Eh. Whatever. It's pulp. What are you going to do, right?