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Sursein Judgment - Jet Mykles I liked it. The concept is fascinating and the way this world is built up equally so. Some details are still quite unclear, though, like details of the setup of the infrastructure of the universe, how exactly these deities factor into the world at large, and myriad details connected to the Sursein Court/Cathedral/College of people and skills and whatever and whatnot. The character dynamics were a bit too convenient, but I can't disprove that people like Rynn exist, so I can't contest it on those grounds.

Clearly, that thing with the thing and the that thing was just for the sake of the two of them getting to sexin' it up. Ah, well.
Admittedly, I'd have liked something other than "because drugs," but what can you do, right? It would have taken another three volumes at least of us waiting for each of 'em to come around to the idea and whatnot and I dunno. I guess I liked the rest of it enough that I didn't care.

It seems like there should be more, especially with the overplot of the hextasy conspiracies. I rather liked it though. And Shas is definitely one of my favorite character types, so there's that.

Mostly, it was my type of fantasy (adjective, not noun) story. Yaoi-ish, but not as unheathily Stockholm/abusive as traditional yaoi (I believe there's a shift in the genre lately, though. Hopefully). Steampunk-ish, but still with the definite edge of fantasy (noun this time [as in, le genre]). Not that steampunk is bad. I rather like steampunk if it's not just excessive descriptions of mecha. But, you know, fantasy will forever and always be my home genre.

And the cover's so very pretty...