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Eater of Lives - Jordan L. Hawk The menage note doesn't come into full fruition. Or even come near it. Most of it is focused on a plot. It does seem to end in a "cliffhanger," though, so if you're very invested in it, I'd recommend waiting until February, when the next one's supposed to come out.

Comments I made as I read:
Lol. He went all Assassin's Creed in this one with his free-running everywhere.

This is reminding me of several TV shows now. You know, those crime ones where there's an overplot, but each thing has its own plot and mystery? Those ones. It even has the recap at the beginning.

Overall, I guess it's not bad. I'd say the 4 star is kind of generous, though. It's not bad, but it's on the edge of cheesy, and it doesn't seem quite visceral enough to elicit more of a reaction in me. It's not meh, but I can live without it until February. Probably until past February. I'll bet I forget about the impending 5th book until one of my GR friends adds it to their shelves and it shows up on my updates feed.