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Slide - Garrett Leigh This is getting really picky, but you know TV screens aren't projectors. They wouldn't make the walls look all water-like; they'd just illuminate them. You know how when you watch TV the screen isn't projected onto the wall? Kind of like that. It might make the room look blue-ish, though if it's dark, it'd prolly just seem "illuminated."

I don't like Ellie. She seems very...perfunctory. She makes no sense. She's "sweet," but generally comes off more as vapid, like the textbook damsel in distress there because reasons.

It reads like two stories in one. Put volumes put together. There's even the "filling you in on what's up" in pt 2.

It's interesting seeing things from a paramedic's POV. We get to see how limited they are in what they can do. It's not like a police person who goes and does his own investigating. They have to leave it to the police to deal with.

Overall, I liked it. There were moments when it seemed iffy, but as a whole, something about the way it was worked gave it a subtle ring of truth to it, the way Lurlene McDaniel's books had. Little details, I guess.

It certainly was an engaging read.