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Amnesia - Sean Michael Right out of hand, I grew very, very annoyed with this. Because clearly, poor Drew's going to get shunted to the side, which causesed me to develop a rather intense and probably irrational (you know what, no. it wasn't irrational) dislike for Jerry. And also how conciliatory Drew was, the way the narration just laid things out.

And Thaine.

I get why Thaine referred to Drew as a "kid" when he first wakes up (or rather, why the author has Thaine do so), but it made it sound rather creepily like pedophilia. I guess we could be generous and say ephibophilia, but most people still consider that pedophilia, at the very least, legally speaking.

Anyways, the above caused me to skip to the end and confirm my suspicions. I'm a little put off by how it turns out, but at least Drew isn't completely left hanging in the wind.

Grammar's a bit awk at times. It makes for some strained narration.

It's got that thing that Sean Michael's writing tends to have. That sort of something raw about it that makes it not quite seem like reality. Like the characters are all in some parallel universe (more so than usual fiction) which operates under slightly different laws of...the universe, I guess, most noticeably in terms of expectations and diction.

And holy shit, Michael wrote a shit-ton of stuff:

His bio refers to him as a guy. If he is indeed actually a guy, that could explain the differences in writing style to the "normal" of M/M.

It's not bad. It just takes a bit of getting used to.

That's probably it. The reason for all the dissonance when I read Michael's stuff. The being-inside-the-psyche-of-an-actual-guy. Cuz no offense to other M/M writers, but there is a fundamental divide in the way men think and women think, and those subtle undertones come out in their writing.

And there it is again. All of the random "I."'s. It always makes me think some weird encoding shit happened when they turned the manuscript into ebooks.

It makes for an interesting change of pace. As long as I keep in mind that the author's a dude I usually don't end up hating his work too much.

I somehow feel like I'm not explaining myself very well.

In terms of "normal" M/M aesthetic, the characters certainly switch their minds about where their affections lie awfully quickly.

There's a lot of dangling phrases and hanging sentences that end with a parenthetical "You know" and "yeah..."
And normally, that'd be unacceptable, but these are guys, and men don't really talk about their feelings.

After I got over how quickly the characters get over each other, it was kind of nice. It's like when old people talk about their childhood. "It was a simpler time..." and all that.

I don't like the way they treat Drew, but I guess it's typical guy-assholery-ness. *shrug
Cuz that's how guys are.

It's actually quite visceral, which makes it rather evocative at times.

'Course, after a certain point, I just didn't want to read about Jerry.

Cuz we all know where that's heading already.

After a while, I stopped trying to make it make sense.