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Pale as a Ghost - Stephen Osborne The beginning was tensionless. It wasn't even blasé. It was just blah.
It reads like the MC's trying not to sound like he thinks he's all that, but really, he knows he's all that and wants to make sure that you know he's all that.

After most of the exposition was over and I'd come back to it after...I forget. I must have played AC for a while and then took a shower and possibly did a bit of rereading of otehr stuff in between. Anyway, when you come back and it's all settled into the story and everything, MC is really sassy, which is kind of cool, although honestly, I really just want to know about Kevin now. Heck, I don't even remember the MC's name.
I just remember the other dude, Robbie, cuz there was another character in a different ghost M/M story I read recently with a character named Robert.
I did mention before that whenever I read something, it seems to trend for at least three times, right? Apparently, Robert (and permutations thereof) and Emily/Emma (and permutations thereof) are very popular ghosty names.

I got to the end and had this reaction:
"Aw. Damnit. Now I have to read on. I wasn't going to go any further but now I have to read on."

Cuz Robbie's there.

I hope there's Kevin in bk2. I really wanna know what happens with Kevin.