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Surviving the Change - Cari Z. It was quite good. There was development and a sort of slow seduction that was nice to read. And then it explodes into melodrama.

The beginning is so blatantly info-dump I almost didn't quite know what to say.

"Holy" is not the same as "holey." I suppose it's possible that Dan has divinely blessed ripped jeans, though.

I'm pretty sure the author said "human" when she actually meant "shifter" when referring to Rebecca. Either that or the following reply is extremely poorly phrased.

After about the half-way point, relationship development is told in summary. The actual "mating moment" isn't explicitly written, which made it seem a bit anticlimactic. Kind of like porn that omitted the "money shot."

We get the aftermath and when Dan realizes, but that's, following the porn analogy, like it cutting out right before the orgasms, then coming back in when they're still basking in afterglow or whatever. I dunno. It prolly wasn't a good analogy to begin with *shrug

The other characters operate as if they know Blythe's backstory. It's weird because the reader doesn't even really know Blythe's backstory by that point. It's eluded to and the reader can make assumptions as to what happened, but it's never actually explicitly stated, I don't think.
Either way, the shifters shouldn't be acting as if they know.

It gets especially melodramatic after about the 3/4 point.

La-dee-dah, random bullshit that makes very little sense, blah, blah, blah, random sex.

In between, many, many time skips.

The last quarter or so - the parts that weren't rife with melodrama - were half-formed, badly-formed caricature of a story, which makes me sad. It's like the author ran out of time to write the story and just included her outline as the last part of the story.

There was something mentioned in the final scene that seemed random and inexplicable. I even flipped through the ending again in hopes that it was something mentioned in passing before that would explain the allusion, to no avail. I can think of a possible explanation, but it's tenuous at best. The author throws out points, but doesn't bother connect them. There were other tidbits that seemed like plot bunnies and/or random plot brainstorms, but which also weren't developed or tied into anything.