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Either way, I'm mainly on Goodreads. I do occasionally come here, and also do periodically import my shelves from GR here, but GR is a more sure bet for contacting me.

A Deadly Game - J.P. Bowie I understand the reason for flashbacks - we need to get to know the character a bit first before we care about their backstory - but it was kind of cheesily done. He sat down and let himself remember? Ooookay...

It's almost, but not quite, completely PWP. Porn with plot? Even though it's got quite inexplicit sex scenes, relatively speaking...
It's probably because of the "sex as the answer to everything" thing they kind of have going on.

Garcia as a villain was so cliche as to be laughable. He was a Vizzini, basically, except he was probably intended to seriously be a villain, unlike Vizzini.
"You are naive in the ways of drugging your opponent" *snortgiggles*
This is like a callback to the days of the uber-flamboyant villains...

Head wounds bleed like heck. I have no quibbles with the skull grazing business since that does happen (it's why people double-tap), but receiving a head wound and NOT bleeding much? Preposterous. How do you get grazed by a bullet and only get a bruise? It's a bullet, not a blunt instrument. Unless the stupid farce of a "villain" had his gun loaded with rubber bullets, which makes no sense. I call bullshit.