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Romancing the Dragon

Romancing the Dragon - Penelope Rivers The concept is fascinating, but I'm sure there was a much less dispassionate way of telling it. I mean, it sounds like a student reciting from a textbook.

Actually, the entire thing is written rather...painfully. It reads like Mark knows all the answers already, but still asks stupid rhetorical questions because I don't know why. The narrator's not really in character enough, I think, and that's causing some problems.

Zodiac - especially shifters - pretty automatically reminds me of Fruits Basket, so...

Mark sniffs. A lot. And grinds his teeth. I don't think that's good for his teeth. He's going to wear down the enamel. Teeth-gnashing is also a very, dare I say, trite expression. Very overly theatrical. Not saying people don't gnash their teeth, but it's the kind of behavior people associate with frustration all the time and tend to overuse. As is demonstrated in this book.

It's not bad, but it's sloppy. The writer knows things the characters don't, but that knowledge is seeping into the text. The sense of suspense isn't quite there; the author's too eager to reveal all. Conclusion: probably needed a few beta readers.

It's not bad, the concepts could be interesting, but the execution is ultimately awkward and boring. My diagnosis is the author came up with xer ideas, became enamored of them and thus extremely eager to share them, yet either does not fully trust the reader to pick up on the nuances xer wanted to work into the text or was so eager to display the intricate web xe wove in xer mind that xe spelled it all out instead of letting it play out, thus rendering it mundane, rudimentary, and ultimately, tensionless. There was quite a lot of passive voice being thrown around, which also served to discourage any sense of action that might have developed and made it so it was rather long-winded and tedious (see what I kind of did there?).

The sex was awkward.

Clearly the whole thing was leading up to the point when Mark turns into a dragon, but the execution, again, was just...rushed and stilted and a whole lot of awkward all around.