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Micah (Marius Brothers, #1)

Micah (Marius Brothers, #1) - Joyee Flynn What do you mean, "Micah's not a werewolf"?
Are you sure?
Yeah, I picked up on that. It's kind of hard to miss when he reminisces on feeding.
So, I just read the blurb wrong then?
What. His name's Micah Marius?
Seriously? Who the fuck comes up with names like this? It's like "Montgomery Montgomery," but without the irony.

I'm done with this conversation with myself thing. It fizzled and died and now it's pointless.

So, Flynn took a page from JR Ward with the Torhn thing. Just saying. Cuz H's make everything better, I guess?

It's...tensionless. It's got fight scenes, but there's no...sense of urgency? Suspense?

Eh. I dunno. I guess I don't really like Flynn's writing. It's very...elementary, I suppose.

The concept is an interesting one, I suppose.