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Doctor's Puppy Love

Doctor's Puppy Love - Shayla Mist Not that great title, but the seed pic is gorgeous and the tags sound intriguing...

I liked it. It was adorable and quirky. There was that sort of reverse anthropomorphism that I really like. Colt was kind of an ass and I loved it. Yeah, he's an ass, but I thought it was kind of funny.

Did someone rant about Colt being a raging, incorrigible jackass? Was that this story? Yeah, it was.

I have some response-to-reviews. The following does not have to do with the story except that others made certain points that I'm now addressing. Did I miss something? Was there mass preaching against smokers? All I remember was two different people mentioning to Colt that he should quit. And Nico, in his internal dialogue, about how he dislikes smoke and he thinks Nico should quit.

And if Nico were a woman, I wouldn't be reading this, because ew. Het.
Jokes aside, if he were a woman and he were being treated the way he was, then (s)he'd probably bitch about the hard-ass boss that keeps giving her the shit duties. I don't know exactly what was supposed to be implied, but the reviewer's kind of ignoring the fact that intra-gender social dynamics work differently than inter-gender dynamics. If Nico were a woman, we'd be reading about a different type of ragging.
Also, it's not like Colt chained up Nico and dragged him to the mall to go shopping. Oh, wait. Of course he did. That's right. I missed it.

The spineless thing...was in the request letter. And people say stupid shit all the time, especially when challenged on something they're still in denial about. He said it once when trying to play up the bluff to that other dude. The reviewer makes it sound like a Puppy Love/Jeff Erno thing, where the verbal derision was pretty constant.
And then there was generalization, whereupon a theory and model were created from a single point of datum, ignoring, of course, the context.

In short, some of the reviews I read reminded me of Bible study at that youth group place thing I used to go to when my mom still glared at me if I said I didn't want to go to church that night.

And yes, I'm applying French politics now, but it's romance. If you wanted something representative of "real" life, go watch a documentary, which, as Abed put it, is like real movies but with ugly people.
I sense a lot of Holier than Thou floating around.
The nickname thing? People give other people scathing nicknames all the time. Suddenly it's not okay because the two of them are destined by the M/M gods to end up together?

For hazing, what happened in the story seems pretty benign. And again, Colt's just that Jerk with a Heart of Gold. I liked it, even though it was weird (those who know me know that from me, that says a lot). It actually kind of reminds me of [b:Shattered Glass|13420351|Shattered Glass (Shattered Glass, #1)|Dani Alexander|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1327194818s/13420351.jpg|18819996] in tone. It's inane and keeps you just off-kilter enough that you're going through the book bemused and almost shell-shocked, but not quite.