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Closure - S.H. Allan There was melodrama mixed with info-dump, which made the story come off as rather stilted. The flashbacks were a bit better because they settled into the narrative, but flashbacks are really clunky ways of telling a story unless the flashbacks are the point, like in Memento.

Oh, and the "Now" sections are written in present tense, which is usually a bit awkward to get into. Problem here is we need to readjust and get into it again each time the story lapses back into the present.

Some of the "past" stories were cute. The sex always seemed rather abrupt.

We're told about the PTSD and whatnot, but that never really actually seems to manifest. Well, there were the dreams, I suppose. I dunno. It all just felt really...benign. And the flashback mehtod of telling the story got really, really unwieldy.