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Wolf Hunter

Wolf Hunter - Ryan Loveless It was good, for pulp, until this thing:
(Sunny’s real name was Elmer, but because of his disposition he’d been called Sunny since before Jaylen was born. It was the only name Jaylen ever knew him by.)

Here's a clue. If you have useless information and you feel like you need to put it in parentheses, it probably is really, really unnecessary, then (as opposed to just unnecessary).

And then there was a line that was cheesy. I paused and stared at it, then moved on, hoping to purge my mind. Alas, that was not to be.

You know...there really is no moral lightness about it. It's not okay. None of it is okay, really. They're all murderers and willing to ignore it because of the "nature of things" and because fuck knows why. Uh, hello? Jaylen killed a bunch of people? Sure, wolf-people, but people nonetheless? And Westley's lack of concern makes sense, but the rest of them? Really? Tom's a dictator. Just saying.

And in the middle, there's a break to talk about each party's home-brewed drugs.

For some reason, it reads like self-hate propoganda.

I actually liked the part when Westley finally wolfs out and he's that "lovesick puppy" whatever. He's wolf in cognition, but it's described with human language. It creates an interesting contrast.

Stuff happens. None of it really makes sense. I got through all of it, kind of, hoping it'd make sense eventually, and it all seems really random.

The ending was just awkward. Squicky and awkward.
There's a random menage, for one thing. There's implied animal sex, for another. Those are the kind of things you put in warning tags, you know.

And it started so well, too...