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Lucky Panties

Lucky Panties - M.C. Houle BCA (Before Car Accident) happens for no discernible reason other than "because reasons." You might as well have just started in the hospital and not tried to excuse away everything else. There's no reason for the dad to react the way he did. How did he know? And why bother to get some stuff together for him?

The rest of it seems really forced. It reinforces stereotypes. Some of the lines are there, but they don't quite hit the mark. It's clear their purpose is for the picture prompt. Because of that, the characters have this almost one-mind track that comes off as really...robotic? Or maybe like they're under the influence of some sort of weird mind control.

It's like it was written as if the ending was a foregone conclusion, so there was no need for build-up. Except there's always a need for build-up.

You know those stories that just go on and on and on and you just want it to cut to the chase?
This isn't one of those.
There was pretty much no romantic development between any of the characters. Each character here is an island who are trying to be, but aren't, part of the same archipelago.

This pretty much just cuts to the chase, leaving you feeling nonplussed and unsatisfied. I'd have liked a more fleshed out story that read like a story and not like a checklist of things to get through to get from Point A to Point B.

2 stars, taking into consideration that this was written, edited, etc. in only a few months, but overall, I'm rather disappointed by it.