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The Best Part

The Best Part - Penny Wilder It's rough. Actually, more accurately, it's rather scattered. Well, no. It's rough, too. Rough, in terms of final proofing, and scattered, in terms of narration and possibly character voice.
I see a comma splice.

The thing about the vegetative state...
It's not a coma. The person's still alive, technically. The brainstem is functions. If the dad's body has been alive long enough for his VS to have been classified as permanent, then he probably wouldn't have been on machines for a while. 'Course, I'm not a medical professional, and this mostly comes from what I remember from reading Lurlene McDaniel oh so many years ago and the accompanying research I did myself after reading her work.

The story itself is abbreviated. It covers the base request, then skips to epilogue, really. Would have been nice if it could have been more fleshed out into an actual story. As is, it kind of feels like an excerpt of a larger story. It also kind of reads like a draft, just in terms of phrasing and whatnot. For a LHNB story, it's not bad.

And yes, the prompt picture is gorgeous.