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Capital Loss

Capital Loss - Taylor V. Donovan It's either dry as fuck or it's written in the omniscient, which really doesn't work for stories either way.
Certainly not romances.

It feels like the author tried too hard to take the topic and subvert it. All it really did was create a confused mass jumble of conflicting ideas, none of which quite mesh together, and nothing that completely gels together to form characters or character development.

The above was written as I read. I'm going to withhold from any further judging until I finish reading it.


Yep, the author tried way too hard to subvert it. Either that or the execution was off. Maybe both.

I disliked Eduardo almost from the beginning. And later, there was pretty much nothing redeeming about him at all. I honestly don't understand why Cole stuck with him. He's an ass. That's all there is to it. He's a goddamn jackass.