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Red - Belinda McBride Re-read:
Definitely a lot better than the first read, prolly cuz I have more info now/context/whatever. On the reread, I liked it a lot more, and I wasn't too caught up in trying to figure out what all these obscure things and universe points meant. I was actually able to enjoy the "budding romance" that happened in the last couple of pages (before it cuts off unceremoniously with a bombshell xe dropped), and this time, it was hot. I enjoyed the dynamics, although maybe it's telling that I had to wait until the second time before I could start enjoying it...
For that, it only gets 3 stars and not 4.

Original review:
The exposition isn't laid out nicely. It's got that pseudo-suspense manufactured by the author purposefully withholding shit-ton of information and then dangling the fact that so much is missing in front of our faces.

The sex was awkward.

It was stilted and awkward. I was kind of happy when I got to the end...