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Sex, Lies & Wedding Bells

Sex, Lies & Wedding Bells - E.M. Lynley It wasn't bad, and then it was.

The actual turning point moment was sort of shoddily handled. Having sex does not equate falling in love. They even say that. And yet, for some reason, that seems to be how Kieran reacts.

The Big Reveal was...cheesy.

The use of the word "waked" is bothering me.

The ending...
Yes, yes, they became astronauts and went to outer space and found a cure for cancer and built schools in Africa and adopted three African babies.

It was like a Mary Sue, but as a story ending.
The nice way of putting it would be "the fucking corniest and most cringe-worthy thing you've ever read."

I guess the idea could have been good, but I didn't find the characters particularly endearing.