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First You Fall (Kevin Connor Mystery, #1) - Scott  Sherman Meh, it was passably interesting, I suppose. Made for good light reading. It's not exactly what I'd call "quality lit," but it's not like it's pulp. A lot of the concepts seem a little (aka sometimes a lot) idealized/romanticized, but I hadn't been expecting that so I took it all in stride.The ex-gay part I thought was especially chilling. The premises that Sherman invokes.I was more than a little annoyed that Kevin was so caught up with Tony when Marc was such a sweetheart, but I guess Sherman just had to play off the "he lives in his techie world" card...But like I said, it makes for a good quick read as long as you're not looking for profound insight into the human condition...One really big complaint I have, though, is its portrayal of hypnosis and such. I thought it was too...media-ized (what's the actual term for it? When something's more "Hollywood pseudo-'truth'" than actual truth?)I mentally face-desked so hard when I got to the Stryker part. Just saying.Actually, now that I think of it, Marc's computer ability is kind of also. I mean, I'm not saying no one could possibly be that good. I'm just saying that there's too much of that kind of thing for me to be able to suspend my disbelief comfortably any longer...Actually, it got kind of soap opera-y... I'm contemplating changing it from 3 stars to 2 now. Ok, definitely a 2 star. I let it keep the second star because it was mildly amusing in a "this has to be a parody, right? no one seriously thought this was serious?" sort of way...