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The Prince's Boy: Volume Two (The Prince's Boy, #2) - Cecilia Tan Eh. This, again, kind of made me resent Kenet because his problems seemed more of the Mary Sue type...but that, I think, is because Jorin's seemed so much more...intense in comparison, possibly.Actually, Kenet starts reminding me of Micah in Plunder, which, if you've read my review, is definitely NOT a good thing...The two MCs who we feel should and have been told will be/are destined to be with each other spend so much time away from each other and establishing ever deeper connections with others that it feels rather incongruous. It reminded me of something I had read once...a long time ago. So long I don't even remember what exactly it was. Basically, though, it was something about missed chances and how two people who under slightly different circumstances would have been perfect for each other just happened to miss the perfect moment by mere seconds or something and they drift apart...Ah. Kind of like what happened in Criss Cross with Deb and whoever the dude was. There doesn't really seem to be a sense of urgency...they both seem rather well off at their respective places. Yeah, there are inconveniences, but they're not exactly debilitating ones... I suppose I should commend Jorin and Kenet for the depths of their feelings and determination regardless? Except, like I said, there doesn't really seem to be any real indication of any depths of feelings and determination. It actually feels like they're getting back together because of obligation rather than real desire. Well, except for Jorin, sometimes. Sometimes he gets all "NOOOOEEEZZZZZZ KENET" but generally, he seems rather well-off... Ok, yes, after a while, Kenet's plight does seem to get more serious, but still...the previous w/e still has me feeling rather resentful towards him on Jorin's behalf. But w/e, I suppose?Eh. I also had stopped reading about halfway through and started reading something else, only to come back, so I guess that's why their reunion scene didn't seem horribly weird to me...The ending wasn't bad, I suppose...