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The Prince's Boy: Volume One - Cecilia Tan Interesting, in a weirdly incongruous way. I can't quite tell if I love it or hate it. It is, however, well-written and interestingly developed.It did kind of annoy me, though, that while Jorin's being trained by the Sergetten dude is feeling all this pain and w/e, Kenet's off with his happy little menage with the general dude and the Marks dude (lol I don't exactly remember their names...) and the worst he seems to suffer from is missing Jorin in and indirect sort of way. Makes it seem like Jorin got the short end of the stick...not that he doesn't have it already, seeing as he was the whipping boy, but still...Ends with a cliffy, aka it just cuts off with a "see ya in the next volume!" which is kind of annoying, but effective, I guess?