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The Present in Room Four - Mandy Beyers Prolly 2.5/5 (I'm feeling generous, so rounded up)It was good-ish, but then it got really cut-and-dry, really rote. Part of it, I think, was the brevity. It could have been expanded upon and explicated further. I think I'd like to know why exactly Greeves was such a bastard because he was painted into the really black-and-white role of the villain. I think I want more of the moral ambiguity that was sort of maybe hinted at towards the beginning-ish of the story. ETA (originally posted as a comment)A lot was heavily implied and skirted over. It was like the author wanted to only focus on the present interactions and nominally inserted a bunch of stuff. Personally, my impression of Nicholas was that he was a complete shut-in and incredibly socially awkward. The rest of it was all nominal stuff that ultimately didn't work with the impression the author had created. Actually, I think either the author was trying too hard to make it pseudo-mysterious by withholding information or the author took the "short" in short story to heart and cut out anything that would have been developmentally significant. Either way, it was so abbreviated in such an awkward fashion that, now that I think of it, nothing really came together. I mean, it was a sweet story if you just take it at the basest face value, but if you actually look at it, not many parts seem feasible and the individual elements didn't quite weave together well.(Hence why I changed it to a 2)