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My Masters' Dungeon 1 - Leather N. Lace This is one of those weirdly interesting ones. It's morally ambiguous and hard to place in that there is no "good guy." This is a story that I'd probably use to prove that "protagonist" does NOT mean "good guy," except it's m/m and rather explicit and so not something I can really use as a teaching tool.Aaanyways.It's short and only a beginning. I'm definitely interested in seeing where this goes. Actually, this kind of reminds me of a more visceral version of Flesh Cartel. It has more impact, though, because it IS more visceral and seems more like an account of what happened as opposed to developing m/m romance (Flesh Cartel for some reason has that vibe about it. I'd have to examine it more closely to place exactly why, but it does.)