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Bodyguard to a Sex God - RJ Scott Yes, the title leaves much to be wanted. Yes, the grammar was quite bad at times. Nonetheless, I find myself giving it 5 stars as opposed to the 4 I was originally going to. Also, I'm eating cookies, so I'm in a good mood right now. *shrugs. Might have something to do with it.However, this book was still surprisingly good. The way the author worked the individual elements was interesting and engaging without being overly blatant or cheesy.The psychological elements were thankfully present and played an interesting and subtle role. The author lampshaded correctly, which is also exciting, and sparingly. There was enough that it really DID seem like something that would actually happen within the contexts of a behind-the-scenes for the media sort of thing.The characters were quite good. The concerns were lampshaded quite nicely, but not completely shunted off to the side for the sake of random sex. There was a good balance between the sexual tension and the need for discretion.What tipped it over the edge for me was actually the emotions portrayed towards the end, especially in the dénouement.The end scene was adorable without being too tritely an obligatory HEA.Also, I think the cover looks pretty spot-on with the models chosen.