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Nathaniel - Diane Hartsock The world and implications are interesting, but ultimately unexplored. It was way too rushed and ended up reading more like PWP with excuse plot than anything. There was no real development, just progression.I'd liked for the magical elements to be explored a little more; too much was shrouded under bigotry and "let's not talk about it" stupidity.For Taden to just...do what he did at the end...that didn't make sense at all. He wasn't that type of person at all.Nat was just a clusterfuck of issues, exacerbated by the lack of mention or exploration into the subject in the book.There also seemed to be awkward skips, but I don't know if that's just the missing development or anything more.I'll be generous with 2 stars since it DID have potential, albeit almost completely buried under the inundation of other crap...